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    Your Pussy, Your Period: A New Age Guide To Menstruation

    Once a month for about 3-5 days the floodgates of your uterus open up, expelling what seems like a never-ending flow of nastiness. Most people just plug it up with a tampon and go on about their day. Some people don’t ever give a second thought to their menstruation unless something is going wrong, but you really should. A period may mean the end of a sentence but it doesn’t have to be the end of your life. So, let’s take a new look at the great big world of menstruation.

    Before we get to the meat of the discussion, we need to review and make sure we know what’s happening with your cooch.

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    Can I Catch HIV From The Tanning Bed? - Sexpert Wisdom

    No... Well, yes. I say no because you are in a machine that kills germs. UV light is used in all types of situations, including hospitals, to kill viruses and bacteria. HIV only transmits through blood, semen, vaginal secretions. You can not catch it from sweat, which is the most likely bodily fluid you'd come in contact with in a  tanning bed. Even if there is a small amount of HIV virus in some fluid in the bed, unless you have some sort of open sore it can not get into your system.

    Just by proxy of the tanning bed being what it is, it is going to kill anything that shouldn't be there. That includes all types of viruses from streptococcus, influenza, HIV, herpes, Chlamydia, pubic lice, scabies, to rhino virus. The bed it self my be dirty, which is why you can just ask for it to be wiped down in front of you.

    HIV and other STIs are not something you are just going to catch from a toilet seat, or tanning bed. Shaking hands, kissing (except herpes), urine, swimming, playing cards, nor most any innocuous activity. This is not something anyone need to worry about at all.

    If you are consumed by the fear of catching something from a tanning bed or a toilet seat, just wipe it yourself. Carry Clorox wipes.


    It's Never Just HIV - Video

    This video is so fucking doom and gloom... but true. I REALLY wish they would dispel with all the "YOUR GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!" messages in these videos. Please know that the way these people are trying to get you to wrap it up is ridiculous. Even though I would have like more facts and less scare tactics what they are saying is true. Having HIV puts you at higher risk for all sorts of diseases. Also know that you don't die from AIDS. You die from some other disease that your compromised immune system can not fight off. Be aware, know your risks, choose to wrap it up. If you don't wrap it up, keep knowledgable about your status, inform your partners, and try to minimize the risks.

    Keep it sexy.


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    Quickie: You Could Soon Use Your iPhone To Check Your STI Status

    The British government has set up funding to investigate a way to get mobile STI testing off the ground. The idea is that you could pee on a little dongle and plug it into your phone for a quick and easy way to know if you're infected with an STI.

    Any way to make it easier for people to know what's up with their bodies is alright with me.

    Via Gawker


    Hibernation 2011: Surviving Winter Semester

    Did you know that the months of August and September are the most common months for birth in the US? Those being the most common months for births would mean that December and January would be the most common months for conception. It makes sense as a huge portion of the United States is covered in snow from late October to until about March. For college students that means spending 6 months stuck in our dorm rooms with nothing to do but smoke a lot of weed and fuck… and study. (Some parents read this site.) Lots of sex = lots of oppurtunities to fuck up. Fuck ups = unplanned pregnancy and/or contraction of STIs. This is why, right now, y'all need to re-up on your safer sex knowledge.

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