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    Entries in relationships (7)

    How Different Are Gay People?

    Ok Cupid has a ton of users and those users come with a ton of data. Realizing the potential for all this data, they have started compiling it for easy consumption. Their most recent one features a comparison between 3.2 million gay and straight OK Cupid users.

    *Spoiler Alert* gay people are just like everyone else.

    First off, gays are not vampires waiting to suck the blood of their straight counter parts.

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    Male Nudity ≠ Funny

    Recently a friend convinced me to watch, this “stupid funny” movie called Forgetting Sarah Marshal. I was not impressed. The movie itself was fine, standard 2010 Judd Apatow fare, but there were several things that annoyed the hell out of me. Firstly, how the hell does Russell Brand keep getting movie roles? Secondly, how does Mila Kunis keep getting movie roles? Thirdly, what was up with Jason Segel’s nude scene? I’d been warned about the scene before I watched the movie and didn’t really think much of it… until I saw it. After being dumped by the gorgeous Kristen Bell, the freshly showered Segel drops his towel in shock. Big laughs. Laughs? Had this been the other way around there would have been no laughs. This movie would have gotten a NC-17 rating and the DVD commercials would mark this as a major selling point in the “shocking unrated version on DVD and BluRay disc Tuesday.”

    In and of itself I don’t believe the male form is something particularly funny. I don’t laugh when I look in the mirror. I’ve always thought the male form to be strong and beautiful; far too often the male body is used only for comedy’s sake. That alone is not a problem; however, in a scene like the one in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the body is presented without context. This makes the form itself the object of ridicule.

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    Satan's Vagina Monologue

    For these past few weeks I have been going hard tackling some deep emotional issues, but this week I am going to lighten things... slightly. I have been know to write a bit of poetry. Today I am featuring two peices. Both are about the same person, but vastly different. Our relationship was in sharp contrast the entire time and these two poems capture it perfectly. We start with one of the good times.

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    Put A Fork In It, This Relationship Is Done!

    I’m going to be honest, many of the things people in relationships do annoy me. One of the most bothersome is complain about how much their relationship sucks, but never consider breaking up.

    People say things like, “but I love him” or, “I should give her a second chance.” Then I will tell them, “well love is not enough to sustain a healthy relationship” or, “I think you mean 40th chance.”

    Many of these relationships are ones that I advised against starting in the first place. It always seems as if people are oblivious to the faults in their own relationships until they end.

    All relationships will end. They meet their demise with a bang or whisper. I would like to think that people know and can accept the approaching end of a relationship. However, we all know that saying goodbye is hard. Because of this, many people end up coasting in crumbling relationships until something, such as a spectacular blow up, forces them apart. Your relationship does not have to end like that.

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    So You Broke Up... Now What?

    Now what? This is a question we all ask ourselves once a relationship has ended. If it was a short relationship, “now what” is often followed by, “do I want for lunch”. However, if the relationship had any extended length or strong effect, “now what” is often followed by a sense of being completely and lost.

    Breaking up is a undeniably difficult process. That is not helped by the fact that, even though you shouldn't, many people wrap their identities in their relationships. Now that it’s over, half of who they thought they were is gone. The relentless realist in me sees these times as painful periods of transition that will end. The relentless optimist sees this as a opportunity to redefine one’s self. The dowdy pessimist sees this as the most terrible thing that has ever happened and it will never, ever, EVER end… ever. In their own way, they all have the right idea.

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